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Is your child 2yrs to PreK?

God Helps me when I’m Scared

The story of David & Goliath is a wonderful account of how God helps especially in the scariest of circumstances.  The interesting thing about this account in history is how I allow it to translate to my life.  You see, I grew up hearing the story of David defeating Goliath.  I was always amazed with David’s faith.  His ability to look at the mammoth Goliath and say, “Who is this guy talking that way about God?!?”.

I never stopped to think that maybe David was scared.  I mean, the biblical account doesn’t really indicate that David was fearful.  Yet how can you walk into a situation like this and not be a little scared?  I think the biggest difference between David and all the other Israelites is David focused more on what God could do than what Goliath could do.

And that’s really the truth we want our kids to learn.  We can invest a lot of time trying not to be scared but then (ultimately) we’re still just focused on the fear.  Instead, what if we simply choose to focus our thoughts on what God can do?  Rather than focus on the fear, focus on God.

Make It Personal this week by living out this truth in your own life.  What is your Goliath?  What do you see as insurmountable?  Is it a bill?  A job change?  Selling your house?  Rather than focus on the problem, invest a few minutes each day reciting the scripture Jeremiah 29:11.  When fear of your ‘Goliath’ creeps in, quote Jeremiah 29:11.  Choose to focus more on what God can do and less on your fear.  You’ll find that your Goliath’s incite less fear in you as you remember God helps me when I’m scared.

Is your child in Kindergarten thru 3rd grade?

Individuality is discovering who you are meant to be so you can make a difference.

Paul and timothy had traveled to Corinth and started a church of believers.  After they’d moved to another town, they received word that there was trouble in the Corinthian Church, so Paul sent Timothy to the Corinthians, with the message of 1 Corinthians 12:12-21, 25-27.

The same message applies to us today.  Sometimes we can be envious of other people’s gifts.  But each of us is gifted in different ways, and that’s a good thing.  Our Bottom Line is:  When we use our gifts together, we make a greater difference.  You can never be who God needs you to be if you spend all your time being jealous of who God made someone else to be.

Regardless of our age or circumstance, we can work together to use our gifts and serve God.  Which is why we’re learning our monthly Memory Verse:  “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young.  Set an example for the believers in what you say and in how you live.”  1 Timothy 4:12a, NIrV

 Make It Personal and consider:  “How do I set an example in what I say and how I live?”  Remember, we duplicate who we are, not what we say.

Is your child in Club 45?

Epic Fail!

What a great series we get to dive into with your 4th and 5th grader!  This weekend is the first of our series, Epic Fail, where we dive into scripture and see how we (man) have ultimately failed to hit the mark of perfection.  We explore God’s grace-filled solution and how we can choose to respond.

In this ‘tween’ season of life, our kids need to know that no one is perfect.  But we have a Perfect Creator that would go to great lengths to make us perfect through His Son.

This week, Fight for the Heart, by creating an environment of unconditional love in your home.  Remember… your kid needs a safe place to make mistakes and learn from them.  As you address mistakes, handle them in a way that brings value to the relationship.