Parent Connection

Club 45

This month we’re focusing on Loving Others through a series called, “You’re Not My Friend”.  We’ll visit a variety of scenarios where we might encounter people that are more difficult to love.  Here is where we’ll focus:

9/4-5:  “What if someone is different from me?”

Double Dog Dare:  We’re all different by God’s own design. Of course, sometimes we forget that and treat others poorly because they’re different from us, because we don’t understand them, or because maybe they make us feel uncomfortable. It’s harder, but much more rewarding, to remember that God made each person unique for a reason. This week, I dare you to accept someone who’s different from you. I dare you to spend time with that person and find one reason you think God made the person uniquely different from you. You just might be surprised.


This month we’re focusing on Respect.  Showing others they are important by what you say and do.


Read: Romans 13:1-7

Ask:  Can you name at least 3 benefits (good things) that could happen when you show respect for people in charge?