Parent Connection – Students


Tonight fpstudents will take a close look at the life of Peter.  Peter went through a pretty amazing makeover as a follower of Christ.  Before Jesus’ death, Peter was not too stable.  He went from being completely sold out to Jesus and cutting of a guards ear when trying to arrest Jesus, to denying that he even knew who Jesus was as Jesus was hanging on the cross dying.  After Jesus death and resurrection, we see a restoration of the relationship between Peter and Jesus.  From that point on Peter was sold out for the cause of Jesus.  In fact Jesus even said that Peter was the Rock on which the church would be built on.  Peter went through a makeover that affected everything about him; a makeover that he carried with him everywhere he went from that point on.  In fact Peter ended up dying for what he believed in.  That is some perseverance! 

Questions to ask with your student:

  • On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate yourself in persevering and carrying Jesus with you everywhere you go?  What impact does that have on the world around you?
  • Peter felt the pressure just like we do to give in and not carry Jesus with else everywhere.  Why is it so hard to carry Jesus everywhere you go?
  • What changed in Peter when he encountered Jesus after he died and was brought back to life that made him take Jesus everywhere he went from that point on?
  • What things need to change in your life for you to carry Jesus with you everywhere you go?  Are you willing to make those changes?  What impact do you think those changes will make on the world around you? 



Students will enjoy a night of fun and games! They won’t want to miss it!