Parent Connection – Students



Series:  “Spring Break Makeover”

Focus:  Our Identity and Reputations as Followers of Christ

Family Discussion:

This week fpStudents are starting a brand new series all about our identity and reputation as Christ-followers.  Identity is a huge part of adolescence, and all students struggle with it at different times on their journey to becoming young adults.  In the first week of this series your student will dig into the story of one guy who experienced an “identity makeover” in a major way!  As a family, read the story of Saul in Acts 9:1-22.

Discussion Questions:

–          What was Saul’s identity at the beginning of this chapter?

–          What happened that changed his identity?

–          How was Saul perceived after meeting Jesus on the road?

Saul’s encounter with Christ is much like many of ours.  He had created an identity for himself that was void of a relationship with Jesus, and once he saw the truth about who Jesus is, his life was changed forever.  It would be great if Saul’s life change led to immediate success with his peers, but Acts 9:23-26 shows us that this makeover actually caused some chaos in his life.  Why?  Following Jesus means that you represent Him to others, no matter how difficult.  Even if it means that you have to make changes to your relationships and guard who you allow to influence you.  Or if you have to drop the habits of your old identity. 


Following Jesus means that you are no longer the person you were, but instead you represent Him to the world.  How are you, individually and as a family, doing that today?  What chaos have you seen as a result of this life change?