Parent Connection – Students


Series:  “It’s Just Sex”

Focus:  God’s Plan For Our Sexual Decisions

Family Discussion:

Tonight we wrap up this series on God’s gift of sex with an open and honest discussion of God’s desire for our dating decisions.  Parents, this is a night that you won’t want to miss!  Starting at 6:30pm at the Pellissippi campus we will have a special Parent Breakout experience followed by a unique panel discussion that is all geared around how to handle your student’s dating process.  You will be able to check in at the lobby entrance before coming into the worship center to begin this great night.

As we discuss the topic of dating, there are 3 questions that jump out to me as extremely important when it comes to deciphering our dating decisions.  During our Catalyst service we will discuss them in detail.

#1 – Why should I date?

 #2 – Who should I date?

 #3 – How should I date?

As we have previously said in the resource…PLEASE use this series as an excuse to talk about sex and dating with your kids.  The world has no problem starting the conversation, and they will take it somewhere you don’t want your kids going.  It’s up to you to fight for a two way street of communication, especially on difficult and potentially uncomfortable topics like these. 

Our prayer during this series is that students will see God’s true desire for their sexual decisions and that they would feel comfortable talking to you about them as well.  This is a process that requires some groundwork, and I would strongly encourage you to fight for the heart of your student by showing them how much you love them.  God bless!


Tonight we continued in our look into the book of Romans to discover the Flipped life that Paul calls us to live.  The first week we discovered the fact that we are all broken and in need of salvation because of our sin.  The third week we saw how Jesus paid the price for our brokenness, and took our punishment so we could be reconnected to God.  Last week we saw how Jesus is our only hope and that when we put our hope in Him, the way we see the world around us begins to change. 

This week in Remix, we are taking a look at what holiness is all about.  What we will discover is that holiness is about not only choosing to not offer our bodies to sin, but also choosing to offer ourselves to God and His plan.  To be holy is to be set apart for God’s purpose and plans. 

 Listed below are some questions that you can use to spark conversation with your students and connect with what we talked about this week:

  • What does it mean to be holy?
  • What two choices do we daily need to make if we want to live lives that are defined as holy? (Choose to not offer our bodies to sin, and choose to offer our bodies to God for His purposes.)
  • What are some examples of the world around us being broken?  Why does God care so much about that?
  • What are some ways you can use what God has given you to get involved and be used by Him to reflect Him those situations of brokenness?