Parent Connection – Students


Tonight we continued in our look into the book of Romans to discover the Flipped life that Paul calls us to live.  The first week we discovered the fact that we are all broken and in need of salvation because of our sin.  Last week we saw how Jesus paid the price for our brokenness, and took our punishment so we could be reconnected to God.  This week we are taking a look at Romans chapter 5 to discover that we now have true hope in God.  As His children we are not called to put our hope and trust in the things of this world (what the world tells us to do), but to put our hope and trust in God.  As we put our hope in Him, our outlook on life begins to change.  We begin to see things in a different light.  We now have a different perspective on everything.  We took a close look at 3 particular truths that should cause us to want to put our hope in God; Truth # 1:  He created us, truth # 2: He has our best interest at heart, Truth # 3:  He will never let us down.  Because of these truths we should put our trust and hope in Him and Him alone. 

 Listed below are some questions that you can use to spark conversation with your students and connect with what we talked about this week:

  • What are some things that the world tells us to put our hope in?
  • What is it a bad thing to put our hope in these things?
  • Why should we put our hope in God?
  • Why is it hard at times to put our hope in God?


Series:  “It’s Just Sex”

Focus:  God’s Plan For Our Sexual Decisions

Family Discussion:

Tonight at Catalyst we will be answering some questions from students about what the Bible says about sex.  These questions can serve as great discussion starters with your students!  Feel free to quiz them on what they learn tonight and see how they are applying the answers to their life.

#1:  Where does the Bible specifically talk about sex before marriage?

#2:  How does sex make 2 people become 1?

#3:  How far is too far?

#4:  Is oral sex ok since it’s not sex?

#5:  What if you have sex before you are in a relationship with God?

#6:  What do I do about my friends who are sexually active and won’t accept God’s view on it?

*Special Parent Announcement *

On March 2, 2011, the last week of this series, YOU are invited to join us at Catalyst.  Starting at 6:30pm at the Pellissippi campus we will have a special Parent Breakout experience about this series followed by a unique panel discussion that is all geared around how to handle your student’s dating process.  Please check in at the info kiosk upon your arrival.  If you have questions contact the student office at (865) 251-2590.