Parent Connection – Students

Series: “Blockbusters”

Focus: Pirates Of The Caribbean / Fight For The Heart

Family Discussion:

One of the biggest summer blockbuster series in history is the collection of “Pirates of the Caribbean” films.  We tend to be drawn to the swashbuckling sword fights, witty lines and dangerous questing in the movies, but what always brings us back for the next one is simply the truth that each character is fighting for something.  Whether it’s a ship, a girl, treasure or an adventure, Jack Sparrow, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan find themselves in crazy circumstances and are continually fighting for their own specific purposes.

The same is true for all of us, but especially for students.  We can be easily swept up in a charge to fight for anything, a cause or need or goal that must be met.  But how often are we concerned with the true fight that we were born to fight?

In Judges 13-16 we see that God gave Samson a specific talent (incredible strength) that was to be used for His glory.  However, Samson lost sight of why he was to be fighting and who he should be fighting for.  In the end it led to his demise…although God still accomplished His plan.

Discussion Questions:

–          Why do you think we so long to be swept up in an adventurous storyline (war, romance, etc)?

–          How do you see this idea play out in your life and the life of your family?

–          When it comes to “fighting for the heart” of what matters, how are you spending your time, money and efforts to fight for what God cares about?

–          Parents, how are you modeling this for your kids?

–          What can you do this week to tangibly show God that you are behind His cause?