Parent Connection – Students


Series:  “How To Lose Your Friends”

Focus:  Integrity

Family Discussion:

In our large group time tonight, students took a closer look at the story of Jacob and Esau, to discover just how important Integrity is in our friendships.  A lack of integrity destroyed these brothers relationship.  Through their story we discover some unfortunate consequences that come when we have a lack of integrity in our friendships.  The first of those consequences is that it tears down people’s ability to trust others in the future.  When we show a lack of integrity it causes people to question whether people can be trusted.  It can even cause them to not be able to trust others appropriately in the future.  It can also hinder our ability to trust others.  Another consequence that a lack of integrity can bring is that it isolates people from real relationships.  The more a person experiences a lack of integrity, the harder it is for them to commit fully to relationships in the future.  When we don’t show integrity in our own relationships people will begin to take notice, and people will start to put distance between us and question whether or not they should be a real friend with us.  Integrity is vitally important to our relationships.  When we have a lack of integrity, it can bring some serious consequences. 

Discussion Questions:

–          Do you agree with this statement:  “A good friend cares more about their friend then they do themselves”?  Why or why not?  How does having this attitude make friendships better?

–          What is integrity?  Would people say that you are a person of integrity?  Why do you believe they would say that?

–          What are some signs that a person is a person who does not have integrity in their life?

–          Why is integrity so important in friendships?

–          Why is it so hard to have integrity at times in our relationships?

Activity:  Ask your student to think of 1 person that they would say is a person of integrity.  Ask them to list the qualities about that person that make them a person of integrity.  Then have them think about what they need to change in their own lives to become more like this person and show integrity


Series:  “How To Lose Your Friends”

Focus:  Greed vs. Generosity

Family Discussion:

Nobody likes a moocher.  Being greedy, especially when it comes to friendships, is a recipe for disaster!  In Acts chapter 5 we see how two people’s lives are taken simply because of their greed.  Greed kills, and it can definitely kill your relationships.

A great way to identify if you are a greedy friend is to look at how you interact with your friends.  Do you hang out with them only when you can get something in return? How often do you put their priorities before your own?  When was the last time you went out of your way to make them feel special?  Do you ever intentionally make them look good?

Discussion Questions:

–          How have you seen greed destroy a friendship in the past?

–          Why is it important to be intentionally generous in your friendships?

–          How can you show your friends generosity this week?

–          How can you show your family generosity this week?


One of the values of the Faith Promise Family Ministry is “Widen The Circle.”  As parents it is so key to understand that your kids will desire to be influenced by people other than your family.  That’s why fpStudents is so intentional about focusing on the important role that friendships play in our lives.