Parent Connection: fpStudents


Series:  Welcome Freshmen!

Focus:  fpStudents

Family Discussion:

Can you believe it…a new school year is right around the corner? The rush of new pencils and binders, new friends and homework! OK, it may not be that exciting to everyone, but every student is poised for this annual experience of starting fresh.  This is something that Noah felt in a very real way in the book of Genesis.

Early on in human history, God saw that humanity was wicked and chose to basically start over with a guy named Noah.  He told Noah to build a large boat so that his family and some animals could escape the great flood.  After the flood was gone, God promised to not send a worldwide flood again, giving the sign of a rainbow as His covenant.  After that God gives Noah a command in Genesis 9:7 – “As for you, be fruitful and increase in number; multiply on the earth and increase upon it.”

At the point of transition for Noah, God gave him some math homework…to multiply!  As students this week are mentally preparing to get back into the school routine, we ask this question: what are you doing to multiply? God has given us a huge mandate…to share the Gospel (Jesus) with the world.  How are you planning and praying for that to happen this semester?

Discussion Questions:

–          How can you, as a family, invite others to Faith Promise and fpStudents on Wednesdays?

–          What things are in your schedule that aren’t necessary…what can you cut out?

–          How are you intentionally carving out time as a family in the busyness of the fall semester?

–          How is your family preparing for the Miracle Offering weekend at Faith Promise?

Coming Soon: On August 17 we will start a series called “Friday Night Lights” that will help us see the impact that our walk with Christ has.  During this series we will have a “Two-A-Days” Student Reading Plan available.  Make sure to get one for your family so that you can all read along together for this 21 day study.