Parent Connection – fpStudents


Series:  “Blockbusters”

Focus:  Grown Ups / Community

Family Discussion:

Parents, as you well know, friendships are hard to come by.  Life-long friends can be rare, but make such a huge difference in our lives!  This week we are wrapping up the Blockbusters series with a look at the film “Grown Ups” that follows a group of middle school friends who reconnect later in life.

As you see the interactions between the friends in the movie, one truth stands out: community matters.  Life is not lived in a “bubble” and we were definitely not created to do life alone.  Even if you had every tangible thing that you could dream of, there would still be a relational void in your life.  Why?  Because God created us to live in community.

Since community is so vital, how do we go about ensuring that we are getting the most out of our communities?  Parents, this is where you have a chance to make a difference in your student’s life that will last far beyond their time living in your home.  As the parent you can control some of the decisions that they make now (bedtime, meals, where they go) but when they leave your home what will stick with them is how they choose their friends.  What you do now can impact the community that your student craves later in life!

Discussion Questions:

–          What qualities/characteristics are important to you when choosing friends?

–          How have you relied on your “community” in the past?

–          How can your family act as a community in your life?

–          Parents, how are you continuing to create an identity for your family community?