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Thank you for investing in your students. This week’s message speaks to the costs of wisdom. As we talked about earlier, wisdom comes from seeking God in everything we do. However, there is a cost which goes with that. Sometimes we don’t get to do things that we want to do because it is not God’s will for our lives, also sometimes it means that have to do something that we may not want to do. This week’s message discusses the story of Noah and the arc in Genesis: 6:9-22. Noah being a righteous man, did what God asked for him to do, even though at times in the process it was hard. But in the end it is what saved him and his family. Sometimes we look at a situation and we don’t see God’s picture, but when we put God’s plan above our own he always works things out for our ultimate best. While there is a cost to wisdom, what we receive through it is far beyond what we could ever imagine. Spend some time this week discussing situations in their lives where God’s plan has been bigger than their own plan.