Parent Connection – fpStudents



Thank you once again for being the spiritual force you are within your household. Your discipleship toward your students is crucial in equipping them to become the Christ followers that we hope that they will be. Remember that you spend substantially more time with them than we do, so discipleship in the home is your most powerful resource. In this second message of the 3 Blind Mice series we will be discussing how we can make wise decisions as well as the three ways in which God uses to communicate with us in regards to the decisions we make. God has given us three ways in which he speaks to us about our circumstances: they include His word, wise council as well as our relationship with him. The passage which we will be focusing on this week is 1st Samuel 20. In this chapter, Jonathan becomes David’s wise counsel developing a plan to warn David that King Saul wants to kill him. This passage enforces that having wise counsel around us as Christ followers is crucial, but also points out that simply having them there is not enough, we have to listen to them. Take some time with your student this week and talk about what it means to have wise counsel as well as how to make sure that they are listening to the things of God and not the things of this world.