Parent Connection: fpStudents

Series: “Blockbusters”
Focus: Diary Of A Wimpy Kid / Courage
Family Discussion:
School can be a tough place to be, especially during the adolescent years. As a parent, think back to your time as a middle or high school student…would you want to relive that period of your life? Chances are you’d prefer not to! This week we continue the Blockbusters series with a look at a movie that highlights the transition into middle school called “Diary Of A Wimpy Kid.”
Throughout the movie the main character, Greg, finds himself in situations that require him to be courageous. Whether its dealing with bullies, playing sports, interacting with his older brother and working through friendships, Greg faces repeated obstacles that cause him to either dig deep or walk away. It’s probably safe to say that we all face similar challenges on a regular basis.
The great thing about facing difficulties is that it gives us a chance not just to “dig deep” and “find strength inside of ourselves” but to rely on the source of all power in the world. God has created us and loves us, and no matter what we are up against, He is always faithful to take care of us. In Numbers 13 we see the Israelites response to God’s command to enter the Promise Land. They were terrified because they wanted to handle things with their own strength and not rely on God. Only two of the spies had the courage to side with God and believe that He was going to take care of them!
Discussion Questions:
– Why is it so hard to rely on God’s strength when we are facing tough times?
– How often do you choose to “muster courage” instead of ask God for help?
– How can you, as a family, work to seek God’s courage each day?