Parent Connection – fpStudents


Hello parents! I pray that you are doing fantastic and that your family is growing like never before. As always, thank you for taking the time to invest into your student’s spiritual growth. This week at fpStudents we are in the second week of a series called Jesus is… In this series we are discussing facets of our Savior Jesus Christ and this week we are diving into His compassion. The focus passage for this week is John 9:1-41. We broke the message down into two easy reasons why we  should do this and these would be great things to discuss with your student. The first reason is, “It will bring the most honor and glory to God is we are compassionate like Jesus.” The second reason is, “It will bring others to salvation if we are compassionate like Jesus.” These are easy to work on steps you can do as a family! (Also read John 8:35-38)

Question to talk through with your student:

–          What is more important to our family, God’s glory or our desires?

–          What can we do to be more focused on God’s glory?

–          Why would being compassionate bring our friends to Jesus?