Parent Connection – fpStudents

Hello again parents, we pray that your family is doing great as we near this special time of year! This week was our second of the series, “Christmas unwrapped.” This week we are looking at the tradition of giving gifts on Christmas. Tonight we pointed out how Jesus is such a precious gift to us and we can either respond like the wise men or like Heron did. In Matthew 2:1-12 we see that the wise men travel from a far to lavish the gift of Jesus and in contrast we seen Heron feel threatened and fight against the gift. Tonight we asked if in our own life if we are responding to the gift of Christ by chasing after Him no matter what or if we feel threaten by Him that we cannot life the way we want to.

Conversation Starters:

•             Have you ever thought of Jesus as a gift to you?

•             How did you react the first time you realized Jesus was a gift for you?

•             Do you view Jesus as a gift for everyone around you? Do you try to give that gift to others?

•             What can we do as a family to pursue the gift of Jesus and give it to others?