Parent Connection – fpStudents

Thank you so much parents for taking an active role in the spiritual life of your student! This is a busy time of year and you taking time not only to get them to church but to invest your time in learning what they are learning shows them how important their walk with God is. These two  Wednesdays leading up to Christmas we will be doing a series that is focused on Christmas and it’s true meaning. “Christmas Unwrapped” is meant to unwrap the things we make Christmas about and show the students how they point to the real meaning for Christmas, Jesus. This week we discussed the Christmas tree and how it came to be a part of Christmas. Before Christmas, people celebrated “Winter Solstice” on December 25th.  That is the shortest day, and longest night (darkness).  The celebration celebrated the fact that spring and light was now on the way.  The evergreen tree was the only green tree left at this time so it represented life to come. We look at the tree and see it representing the life that Jesus came to offer us. We talked about walking in the light of Jesus will cause two things, one is we will not walk in darkness and the other is we will have the life that the light brings with it. This season please take time to focus as a family on Jesus and the light and life He brought to us!




Conversation Starters:


•             What do you think about first when Christmas is mentioned?


•             Why is it so easy to lose sight of Jesus around Christmas?


•             What can we do as a family to honor more the light and life that Jesus brought?