Parent Connection – fpStudents

What incredible and series all together this has been in Fp Students. We pray that your family will never be the same after learning these facets of communicating with God. Tonight we talked about the thing that dominates most of our prayer time, forgiveness! Tonight was a night of freedom for your students as the learned internal forgiveness and how to turn it out on the world that has wrong them so many times already. First, we discussed the fact that we must know that we have done wrong and that it breaks God’s heart when we do so. But we also went over the fact that God will always forgive His children that come to him with a repentant heart. The second thing we covered is the giving forgiveness freely to others. Jesus is very clear that the same amount of forgiveness that you give to others will be returned to you by Him! So this part of the message and life is EXTREMEMLY important! We must let God forgive us when we blow it and we must forgive others when they do us wrong to life the abundant life that Christ died for!

Read Matthew 6:12-15

Conversation starters

1.            What comes to your mind when you hear the word “forgiveness?”

2.            Do you believe that God forgives you for your sins?

3.            Why do you think He does that?

4.            Is it hard for you to forgive others? If so why?

5.            Do you think that there is UNforgiveness in our house?