Parent Connection – fpStudents

Parents we are praying that you are having a great week and that God is showing you and your family things that are blowing your minds! This week we continued talking about prayer and how we do it effectively. This week we looked into our hearts to see what we must pay attention to if our prayer life is going to be all it can be. Jesus tells us in Matthew how we should pray but, to do so we must prepare our hearts to mean the words like Jesus did. The way we have to do that is to be mindful of two thought processes that we in America are prone to. The first is having a mindset of abundance instead of a mindset of “just give us what we need.” The second is having a mindset of entitlement. The reason we must check these thoughts is because of what Jesus says in Matthew 6:11. He tells us to ask for our daily bread. However, if we go by the world standards that is not enough and we want more and more. We must ask God to give us all we need for today and have faith in Him for the rest!

Read Matthew 6:11

Conversation starters-

1.            What do you think Jesus mean when He said “daily bread?”

2.            What do you think your daily bread is?

3.            Do you think you have more than you need? Yet do you still crave more?

4.            Why do you think God tells us to ask for our DAILY bread instead of bread for a life time?