Parent Connection – fpStudents

Again we want to thank you for pouring into your student and into their spiritual development. We know that this series is changing the spiritual communication between your student and God and we are so pumped about that! Tonight we taught about the attitude we need to have when we approach God in prayer. In this generation there is a main thought that Jesus is “our homeboy” or a “vending machine” but this is not what the Bible describes. The first thing we must acknowledge is who God really is. This will affect our attitude when talking with Him. We talked about how God is both God our Father and He is a Holy God. When you apply these attributes to a person it changes how you talk to them. Also our attitude must focus our thoughts and desires on God’s thoughts and desires. This will give us an outlook on the world like no one else has and it will prepare us to hear what God wants us to do with our lives! Our hearts and minds when we pray are much more important that the words we use! This is extremely important to anyone’s prayer life!

Read Matthew 6:9-10

Conversation starters-

1.            When do you pray the most?

2.            What is the condition of your mind and heart when you pray in that moment?

3.            Do you think and know that God is your Father and a Holy (perfect) God when you pray?

4.            Do you think that the things you pray about and for are the things God wants you to pray about and for?