Parent Connection – fpStudents

Hello parents, I hope you are doing great and God is moving in your family in amazing ways. We want to thank you for taking an active interest in the spiritual life of your student! Tonight we started a new series on one of the most important topics in the Bible, prayer. This evening we pointed out what prayer was and what prayer is not so we can better practice it. First, we talked about how prayer is not to be for show. It is to be an intimate conversation between God and us. The second, prayer needs to be a person interaction between God and us. This is such a beautiful thing about God that He wants to have a personal relationship and communication with us! The last facet of prayer we covered is that is should be specific. Prayer should not be vague speak about other people’s live and things that do not matter in yours. It should be about things that you want more than anything and things you do not know what to do with. Prayer is a massive part of our relationship with God! I pray that your kids see and know that prayer is a massive part of your life.

–              Read Matthew 6:5-8

Conversation starters-

1.            How do you feel about prayer?

2.            Does it ever feel like you are just talking to yourself?

3.            When is the best time for you to pray?

4.            What do you pray about?

5.            What would you think about spending regular time praying as a family?