Parent Connection – fpStudents

SWAG – Week Four

Tonight at Fp Students was HUGE!!! I cannot tell you how important this message is for your students and for you! (If you read this in advance and you have the chance I would sit through service) We spoke about passing on you swag in small groups and in the service. We talked to the students about passing it along to their friends and everyone they had influence with. However, this is even more important for you parents! We believe God wants you to pass your God swagger onto your students. We looked in 2 Kings 2:1-18 where Elijah gave Elisha a double portion of his swag or spirit of God. Would you want you student to walk with God like you do? If they answer is not yes we ask that you would search God about that or come talk to us!

Conversation starters-

  • What is something that you tell your friends about? (could be sports or school stuff or gossip)
  • Do you think you make your friends better in any particular way?
  • How do you think you could show God swag to your friends?
  • Do you think that your God swag is something they want?
  • What could I do (the parent) to make my swag in God something you would want?