Parent Connection – fpStudents

SWAG – Week Two

 Hello again parents! We are praying that not only your student is growing but your whole family is experiencing God in new ways right now. Tonight we are covering a super important topic and that is how to have Swag when it comes to your walk with God! Last week we talked about how important it is to have confidence in your walk with God this week we are talking about how to have it and how to grow it! The first of three steps we covered is not stressing about what other people think of you. Next we talked about the importance of knowing God will take care of you. Lastly we told them that we must believe that if we are walking with God we will win in all things! We ask you as the parent to think if you are doing these things well or not and be honest with your student about that as you talk with them this week.

Conversation starters-

  • Do you think it is possible or worth it to care more about what God thinks than people? Why?
  • Do you really believe that God will take care of you in all situations?
  • It is hard to believe God when it comes to living differently at school?
  • Do you believe that even if things are not going as planned that you are still winning with Christ? (Phil 4:12-13)
  • What can we do as a family to get better at all three of these things?