Parent Connection – fpStudents

SWAG – Week One

                Hello parents and thank you so much for taking an interest in your student’s spiritual life! It may not feel like this is a big deal right now but trust us it goes so far in their spiritual development.  Tonight at Fp Students we talked about having “God swag.” As I am sure you are aware swag is a term used by youth today to describe confidence. Tonight we talked about how if we want to live a life that is pleasing to God and a life that will change the world we must walk with Godly swag. We touched on different ways to have this swag but the first one and the one we ask you to encourage your students on is not worrying about what others think but about what God thinks! We must focus on our identity in Christ not in the world.


Conversation starters-

  • Whose opinion really means the most to you?
  • Do you walk with Godly confidence?
  • What do you walk with confidence in? And what makes you confident in that?
  • What could you do to walk in confidence in your relationship with God?