Parent Connection – fpStudents


Series: YOLO

Topic: Leaving Egypt

Service Summary:

The fall semester for FpStudents is finally here! We are launching a brand new series this school year about the trending acronym YOLO – You Only Live Once. We are praying that you can help open their eyes and walk alongside them on this journey.

This week during FpStudents we will discuss the community of Israel, who left Egypt with Moses to travel into the Promise Land. The main point we want to communicate this week is that the Israelites endured a rough journey because their constant complaints about leaving Egypt and lack of trust in God. Much like the people of Israel, we complain and try to take things from our past and bring them into salvation with us. However, God calls us to leave our past behind and follow him.

Family Discussion:

  1. Why is it so hard to trust in God during the midst of adversity?
  2. What kind of adversity is your family facing right now?
  3. Do you really believe that God has a greater plan for you than the adversity you’re facing?
  4. What can your family do differently to encourage one another during these circumstances?