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Parent Resource:
Week 1:  The Dangers of Waking up Love too Early!


Recap of the Night:


During this night your students took a closer look at the Song of Solomon to learn what the Bible has to say about love, and the dangers that can come from waking up love too early.  The following dangers are the ones we discussed in detail during the night.  The first danger of waking up love too early is that it can damage our ability to love our future spouse in the future the way that God designed us to love them.  The second danger of waking up love too early that we discuss is that it can rob us of our identity.  When we become obsessed with dating relationships we can easily wrap our identity up in someone else, instead of discovering who we are and embracing our identity in Christ.  


In their group time students talked about the different pictures of love that the world around us throws at us.  They then looked at 1 Corinthians 13 to see how the Bible describes love, and whether or not that characteristic is typically displayed in dating relationships as a teenager.  


Here are some questions you can use to engage with your students this week:


  •  Why do you think that teenagers are so quick to rush into dating and love relationships?
  • What are some dangers that you think can happen if we jump in and wake up love too early?
  • What attributes of love does God call us to display in our relationships?

What cautions would you give your friends about waking up love too early?