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Parent Connection:
Week 4:  Be Unstoppable

Recap of the Night: 

In large group tonight you student got the chance to watch the latest YouTube sensation, The Kony 2012 Video.  It is a powerful illustration of how God can use someone who understands the gifts that He has given them, and chooses to use those to make a difference in an area they are passionate about.  We challenged students to see that they not only can have an impact on the world around them, but that they were created to do that.  We challenged them to see the gifts that God gave them that when utilized will make a difference in the world.  The first gift God give us to make a difference in this world is special skills.  These are things that we are talented at.  The second gift that God gives us is specific passions.  Each of us were given certain things that we are passionate about that God is also passionate about.  The secret to making an impact is to take the skills God has given us, and leverage them to make a difference in our area of passion. 


In their groups, students got the chance to help each other be creative in thinking through how they each might use their gifts in their area of passion to make a difference in the world.  We want to encourage you as parents to continue these conversations with your students.  Talk with them about what you see in them that they are good at.  Also help them think creatively about how they can use what God has given them to make a difference in the world, in their area of passion. 


Here is a link to the video if you want to watch it.  It is powerful. 


Here are some areas for you to establish boundaries in with your teen’s dating relationships:


  •  Boundaries to keep them physically safe:
  •  Boundaries to keep them emotionally safe:
  • Boundaries to help them keep their identity: