Parent Connection – fpStudents


Series:  Unstoppable
Topic: Live It Out!

Service Summary:

Opposition is typically something that you don’t wake up in the morning hoping to experience.  Most of us prefer to avoid conflict and live as comfortable a life as we can.  However, comfort is not a crucial aspect to following God’s unstoppable mission.  More often, God calls us to do things that are hard, uncomfortable, and even a bit scary!


In the book of Acts we see a guy named Stephen who took God’s unstoppable mission as a mandate on how to live his life…regardless of the cost.  Stephen was so passionate about following God’s call that he was willing to lay down his life and die.  Regardless of the opposition, Stephen chose to not back down!


That should be our same attitude when it comes to God’s mission: we are so passionate that no opposition will stop us!  God’s mission through the church has not stopped, despite repeated attacks and threats throughout history.  No opposition is great enough to stop what God is doing….and our response should be to have the same tenacity and passion as Stephen when our faith is challenged.


Family Discussion:

  1. How hard is it to follow God when there is opposition in the way?
  2. What kind of opposition do you see in your life, at school, work, team, etc.?
  3. How do you think God wants you to view opposition?
  4. What can you do as a family to support each other during times of opposition?