Parent Connection – fpStudents

Series:  Unstoppable
Topic: Get Up And Go!

Service Summary:

This week we began a series called “UNSTOPPABLE” by discovering where God’s unstoppable mission started in the Book of Acts.  Jesus gave His disciples the command to “GO” into the earth and share the Gospel with everyone.  This is the inception of the church! In this moment God created a movement that will exist until He comes back to earth again. 


Let’s be clear, the church uses buildings.  They are a tool to help disciple and facilitate worship.  But the “church” is really the people.  Beginning with the disciples in Acts, continuing throughout history, even to us today at Faith Promise Church, we are all part of God’s mission to spread the truth about who Jesus is!


There is no age limit to link up with this mission! This means that you, as a family, can play a huge role in what God is doing right now.  Discuss the following questions among your family and see what YOU can do to join the movement!


Family Discussion:

  1. Why does God give us the opportunity to join Him in His unstoppable mission?
  2. How often do you view yourself as an agent of God’s mission?
  3. What can you do to link up with God and His mission?