Parent Connection – fpStudents

Series: Big Green Box

Topic: Dreams


We serve a MYSTERIOUS God with MYSTERIOUS plans that BENEFIT us and GLORIFY Him.


In this series at fpStudents we are discovering that God has more planned for us that we could ever dream of. In Jeremiah 29 we see Jeremiah interceding on behalf of the Israelites in the midst of total chaos. Yet God tells them in verse 11 that He has a plan! They may not know it, see it, or understand it, but His plan is in motion and it will benefit them greatly! He had dreams and plans for them that would leave a lasting impact on their legacy.


Many, if not all, students today are wrapped up in discovering their own dreams. In your family there may even be conflict over the dreams that you have for each other. Let’s recognize that our future is a bit of a mystery to us, like a giant box that we can’t get inside. But ultimately God DOES know what the future holds…and it is His plan to lead you to a place of hope! He does this because He loves us, and by loving us He can show the world who He truly is.


Discussion Questions:

1. What are the dreams that each member of your family have?

2. How can you help each other realize those dreams in reality?

3. How can you use your dreams to glorify God and make Him famous?