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Middle School

Tonight the middle school spent some time talking about the destination we are heading to.  We don’t always do a great job of thinking about where we are heading.  Tonight we  challenged students with the truth that our choices today will determine our destination tomorrow.  We want students to understand that the choices they are making today have a direct correlation to the consequences that they will deal with in the future.  We challenged students to ask themselves two specific questions tonight.  The first is “Where are your choices today taking you tomorrow?”  The second question is “Is that destination a place that God wants you to be?”  We helped students see how they can course correct this semester and start heading in the right direction by pulling over and stopping (stop making choices that are taking you in the wrong direction), and calling for help (seeking wise counsel). 

Here are some questions that you can use with your middle schooler to help connect with them about what God showed them tonight. 

1.            What destination do you think the choices you are making today are taking you?

2.            Is that a destination that God wants you to be in?

3.            Are there certain things that you need to let go of that are taking you in a direction that you don’t think you should be going?

4.            Do you think it will be easy or hard to let go of those things?  Why or why not?

5.            What is wise counsel?  Who is someone in your life that is already where you want to go, that you can turn to for advice? 


High School

Focus:  Year of XII

Family Discussion:

Happy New Year families!  This week at fpStudents we will be discussing the top 12 things that your student (and YOU!) need to know about 2012.  For your convenience they are listed below!  Some are challenges that will take your student to the next level of following Christ, and some are important events that you need to have on your calendar for this year.  Know that the fpStudent staff is lifting you up in prayer and we are always here as a resource for you as you lead and grow your students!


Top 12 Things To Know About 2012:

  1. Read “The Plan Of Your Life” by Dr. Chris Stephens!
  2. fpStudent Goal:  Average 215 students on Wednesday nights!
  3. Environment of Inviting – Woman at the Well in John 4
  4. Your Relationships Matter To God – 2 Corinthians 6:14
  5.  Be Humble and Coachable – John 3:30
  6.  fpStudents presents “Cameron Mitchell” in concert – January 25
  7.  Fusion Weekend – February 17-19 “Weird”
  8.  Jr./Sr. Field Trips to UT Campus – February 26 & April 22
  9.  Missions Opportunities – Haiti in March
  10.  “The Dead” Movie – April 25
  11. The Bash – May 23
  12.  fpStudent Camp – July 8-13