Parent Connection – fpStudents


Series:  Christmas Carol

Focus:  Week 2: Angels We Have Heard & The First Noel

Family Discussion:

In this brand new series fpStudents will be focusing on the music of Christmas!  Each year we sing seasonal songs that are all about Jesus’ birth, but do we really know what the songs are saying?  This week we are diving into two songs that give two different viewpoints of the first Christmas.


The first Christmas on earth was celebrated as both an entrance and an exit.  Jesus left Heaven, and the angels came to earth with Him to sing about this cataclysmic transition.  This was a big deal! It had never been done before, and the angels knew that God’s plan to rescue humanity was taking a giant leap forward.  What a thing to celebrate!!


On the other hand, the angels’ audience was a band of smelly, forgotten shepherds.  Their world was flipped upside down as they experience the birth announcement of the Savior of the world.  The First Noel (or Christmas) was a shocking interjection into history with amazing implications! The shepherds’ response to their late night concert of angels was to go find the baby they spoke of…it was an action step towards the Savior.



Take a few moments and read the lyrics to these songs as a family and discuss:


  • How do you think the angels felt watching Jesus leave Heaven to live among humanity?
  • What about the shepherds? How could they ever tell another story about anything else…ever?
  • Why do you think it may be more difficult for us to experience Christmas each year with the same passion and purpose that the shepherds did at the first one?
  • Go read Luke 2 as a family…you can even have different family members act it out!  Then discuss when Jesus coming to earth did for us.  How did His birth make it possible for us to connect with God?