Parent Connection – fpStudents


Series:  Christmas Carol

Focus:  Week 1: O Come, O Come Emmanuel & Joy To The World

Family Discussion:

In this brand new series fpStudents will be focusing on the music of Christmas!  Each year we sing seasonal songs that are all about Jesus’ birth, but do we really know what the songs are saying?  Over the next two weeks we will discover the meaning and purpose behind several Christmas classics, and we’ll see how they can still impact our lives today!


This first week we are unpacking the songs “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” and “Joy To The World”.  In the Old Testament the idea of “Christmas” was wrapped up in the Jewish anticipation of a Messiah.  For centuries people had waited for a Savior to come and rescue them.  What they envisioned was someone who would help them over throw the Roman government, but what they received was a baby, who would bring peace between God and humanity…He truly made it possible for there to be Joy in the world! 



Take a few moments and read the lyrics to these songs as a family and discuss:


  • What is something you have waited a long time for in anticipation?
  • How would you respond if when it finally happened, it wasn’t what you were expecting?
  • How did Jesus bring “joy to the world”?
  • Do you ever feel the same anticipation about living life with Jesus as you do about Christmas morning?