Parent Connection – fpStudents

Series:  Epic

Focus:  Noah – True Obedience

Family Discussion:

Tonight during their large group experience students learned that obedience that is pleasing to God requires two specific actions; hearing the truth, and choosing to do what the truth says.  We learned this by taking a look at the story of Noah and how he displayed extreme obedience to God and what He asked him to do.  God desires for us to not just know the truth and what God wants us to do, but to choose to be like Noah and follow up with doing what God ask us to do.   


In their group times student took a closer look at some areas in their own life where they need to choose to not just listen to what God wants them to do, and choose to follow through and take action on what God wants them to do.  We challenged them to think about some ways that they can choose to take action on what God has asked them to do. 



Here are some questions you can use to engage with your students this week:


  •  What are some examples of things that God has asked you to do?


  •  Have you always chosen to take action and do what God has asked you to do?


  • Why is it important for true obedience to choose to act on what God says to do?


  • What is one thing that God is asking you to do right now that you are struggling with taking action on?