Parent Connection – fpStudents


Series:  Stockholm Syndrome

Focus:  Our Human Connection With Sin

Family Discussion:

This week fpStudents: High School begins a new series that is quite intense.  In today’s Parent Connection you will learn two things: why we are doing this series, and how you can help.

1. “Stockholm Syndrome” is the phenomenon wherein a hostage or kidnap victim develops feelings of compassion or even love toward their captor.  Even after the victim has been set free from their captivity, they will often defend those who did them harm.  In this series we will discover the truth that SIN does the same thing to us.  It holds us captive, and even after we choose to follow Christ, we tend to have a deep connection to it.  This phenomenon can derail someone’s life completely, and the great truth we will learn in this series is that there is a way out of Stockholm Syndrome.

2. As a parent, you spend a large amount of time influencing your student.  Whether it is driving them to and from school, practice, church, etc. or sitting around the dinner table, watching TV or even going on family trips.  Use this series to ask some tough questions of your student, and prepare yourself to being transparent with them.  Students remember stories, and the story your life tells will have a great impact on them.  Take advantage of this opportunity to get real with them about the transformational power of the Holy Spirit.

This series will conclude with a Movie Premiere for our very own scary short film entitled “No One’s Home” on October 26.  I would encourage you to partner with your student to get as many of their friends to fpStudents on that night as possible!  We will present the Gospel in a very clear way, and I pray that dozens of lives will be changed forever!  Thank you so much for partnering with us to make it hard to go to Hell from East Tennessee.