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Heartless Series
Week 1:  Guys vs. Girls




Recap of the Night:


During the large group experience tonight we unpacked some of the differences between girls and girls.  Here are those differences we unpacked:  Girls are emotion (feeling) based, guys are physical (fact) based, girls are more open in their relationships, and guys are more closed, girls are more nurturing (the motherly instinct) and guys are more protecting (the provider instinct).  During our large group session we saw how the differences, although challenging to deal with in the context of a relationship, can actually give us a true picture of who God is.  


In our group time we unpacked how both guys and girls are created in the image of God, so both sexes bear the image of God.  We talked about more differences (age appropriately) between girls and guys and what those differences can teach us about who God is.  We challenged students to see that God intends for the relationship between a girl and guy to be very special and that students should protect it and not enter into it too quickly.  





Here are some questions you can use to engage with your students this week:



What are some differences that you see between girls and guys?


What differences between girls and guys is most frustrating to you?


What can you learn about God from the differences between the opposite sex?


How does understanding the difference between the opposite sex help you to better appreciate them and help you to better interact with them?