Parent Connection – fpStudents

Series: Friday Night Lights

Topic: Game Plan


This final week is about the most important aspect of any endeavor…the Game Plan.  From football to building a car or applying makeup, having a game plan is CRUICIAL!  So, what is God’s game plan for our lives?  And how do we live it out each day?  Matthew 28 gives us Jesus final instructions before leaving earth…the game plan we should all live by.


During this journey you are challenged to join your student in completing the “Two-A-Day Student Reading Plan.”  This simple process involves reading a chapter from John in the morning and a chapter from Psalms in the evening, followed by a moment of reflection and prayer.  Use this tool over the next 21 days to grow closer to God, and look for ways to connect with your student as they do the same!


You can download the final week’s reading plan HERE ( We will have printed copies available at the fpStudent services each week if you would like to pick up a copy as well.