Parent Connection – fpStudents

Week 2 of this teaching series is all about the concept of “Team Over Self.”  This is a common theme on virtually any team in the world.  But the crucial question is how does that affect your role and attitude on the non-sports teams you are involved in…like Faith Promise Church, fpStudents, your small group…even your family? 


During this journey you are challenged to join your student in completing the “Two-A-Day Student Reading Plan.”  This simple process involves reading a chapter from John in the morning and a chapter from Psalms in the evening, followed by a moment of reflection and prayer.  Use this tool over the next 21 days to grow closer to God, and look for ways to connect with your student as they do the same!


You can download the second week’s reading plan HERE (  We will have printed copies available at the fpStudent services each week if you would like to pick up a copy as well.