Parent Connection: fpKids


Parents, it is never too early to start telling your child that God loves him or her. An easy way to incorporate this into your day is to sing to your child at diaper-changing time. You can sing this song to the tune of “Are You Sleeping” as you change diapers.

God is with you, God is with you.
All the time, All the time.
God is always with you, God is always with you.
All the time, All the time.

Words For Baby: “Baby, did you know God loves you? He does! He loves your nose. He loves your toes. God loves you little baby, and He will always be with you. Yes, God loves you!”


Read:  Matthew 8:5-13

Ask:  How many different ways can you think of to show respect for God?  (hint: think about words and actions)

Club 45:

“What if someone needs something from me?”

Double Dog Dare:  Being helpful isn’t always easy or convenient. Sometimes it messes up our lives and makes things more complicated. But God says—plain and simple—to help others in need. So I dare you to stop and help someone this week. Help even when it’s hard. Help even when you don’t know what to do. Help even when someone always seems to need help. Help even when it means putting someone else’s needs above yours. I dare you to help, because God helped you when he sent Jesus. God put your needs above his, and he wants you to do the same.