Parent Connection – fpKIDS


Preschool (2yrs to PreK)

God made the sun and the sky.

This week we continue our focus on creation and how God made everything.  A very simple truth to impart to our preschoolers.  But the truth holds a powerful meaning and we want your preschooler to root their lives in this Truth.

Knowing that God made everything allows us to connect kids to the basic truth that God Made Me.  And if God Made Me then I have value.

This week, Create a Rhythm, by taking advantage of some of your drive time.  While driving in the car with your preschooler invest 5 minutes in a game.  Ask your preschooler to look out the window and call out all the things they see that God made.  Things like the sky, the grass, the water, the stars, etc. Ask them the question, “Who made everything?”. ‘God Made Everything!’

Elementary (K-3rd Grade)

In this week’s Bible story, Jesus loves and forgives Peter for denying Him (John 18-21). Three times, Peter had told people he did not know Jesus after Jesus had been arrested. But when they met again after Jesus’ resurrection, Jesus loved Peter enough to forgive him.

Our Bottom Line is: God is doing something in me so I will love the people around me. Experiencing Jesus’ love teaches us how to love others. When we love the way Jesus loves us, we forgive when others wrong us, we serve and help meet others’ needs, and we sacrifice what we want for what’s best for others.

The monthly memory verse is:

“You are the light of the world. A city on a hill can’t be hidden.”

Matthew 5:14 NIrV

By forgiving, serving, and sacrificing for others, we spread the light of Jesus’ love to the people around us.

This week, Make It Personal by asking yourself “What is God doing in me so I can love the people around me?”


Club 45 (4th & 5th Grade)

There’s an App for That : Where’s My Water?

This week our focus is on Exodus 17 as Moses leads the Israelites out of slavery and into the dessert. Living in tents with no water to be found.  Though a frustrating situation, it was on the heels of a series of miracles the Israelites experienced at the hand of God.  With a front row seat to the action, the Israelites watched as God freed them from slavery, sent them out of Egypt with great wealth, and ushered across the Red Sea escaping certain death.  The unwillingness to trust God and His promise is ultimately the reason this generation spent their life in the desert.

This week we want to help your preteen realize how critical faith in God is in our lives.  It’s tantamount to experiencing the life created us to live. But if we live each day focused on the things we DON’T have, rather than being thankful for the things we DO have… we miss out on the joy of what God has provided.

As a parent, does it frustrate you when your child shares a laundry-list of things they wish they had? And for some reason they fail to see the things they do have. Help your preteen learn thankfulness by incorporating it into your daily routine. Create a Rhythm at meal times to quickly review the things you are most thankful for that day. Acknowledge how God provided that day. Give everyone the opportunity to contribute. See how this helps your preteen.