Parent Connection – fpKids

Preschool  (2 yrs to PreK)
This month we are teaching your Preschooler that…

God has a Plan for me!

A key question you can ask your child is, “Who Loves You?”  God loves me!  In fact, God loves us so much that He has a plan for our lives.  Just as He had a plan for Jesus’ life. 

The Night in the Garden is a compelling moment that isn’t lost on your preschooler.  At such a young age, they know the angst of not wanting to do something they know they have to.  But learning to trust that mom or dad has a bigger plan is key to their own spiritual growth.  As they learn to trust you, they will learn to trust God.  This week we focus on the night in Gethsemane where Jesus talks to God and trusts God believing that God’s Plan is always best.

Create a Rhythm and tap into the power of quality moments.  During dinner time, pray over your family for the strength and wisdom to always put God first this week.  Who Loves You?  God loves me!


Elementary  (K-5th grade)
This week we will emphasize…

God’s Plan is for us to put Him first!

The Garden of Gethsemane is a compelling moment where Jesus greets God’s Rescue Plan head on.  Though this text can be interpreted a number of different ways, it is clear that the payment of our sin was not an easy task to bear.  And yet Jesus did.  When we watch this moment from a distance we cannot but ask ourselves… Am I putting God first?  Because no matter what we do.  No matter what our career.  No matter what our socio-economic status.  No matter what ethnic background.  We are all called to put God first. 

Make it Personal and allow your kids to see where you strive and grow.  Read the text in Luke 22, Mark 14 & John 18.  Consider where you can pursue God in fervent prayer.  Consider how you might yield to His Will and not your own.