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parent-connectionPreschool (2yrs to PreK)

God helps me tell others about Jesus.

This week we learn about Peter and a time he spent in jail because he was telling others about Jesus.  Though telling others about Jesus can be scary, we want kids to know that God helps us tell others about Jesus even when it’s scary.  Because we know that Jesus wants us to tell others about Him, we can’t assume it will always be easy.

That’s not difficult to grasp as an adult, is it?  I mean, if it were easy to tell others about Jesus we would do it more often.  But we don’t.  And though we can provide a lot of reasons why… the truth is… we’re afraid.  Afraid of rejection.  Afraid we can’t answer the question or respond to the rebubtle.

But if God helps us tell others about Jesus then we don’t need to be afraid of anything.  Even questions we can’t answer. This week, Make it Personal by writing down two names of people that you know need to know Jesus.  Invite God to give you opportunities to share the difference Jesus has made in your life.  If you can’t think of two people, invite God to order your steps this week and help you discover two people you can share your faith with.

Elementary (K-3rd grade)

This week’s biblical principle teaches us that we should cheer each other up and give each other hope (1 Thessalonians 5:11). Paul wrote these words to instruct his friends in Thessalonica to give each other hope, even though they faced persecution for their belief in Jesus.

Our Bottom Line is:

Friends encourage one another.

It’s easy to get into a habit of teasing our friends when we joke around with them. But it’s important for friends to encourage each other with positive words and to cheer each other on when we’re tired or hurt.

The monthly memory verse is: A friend loves at all times. He is there to help when trouble comes.” (Proverbs 17:17, NIrV) Everyone needs encouragement, especially in tough times. A friend will be ready with helpful words and simple actions to strengthen his friends.

Club 45 (4th & 5th grade)

The Bible has something to say to me?

This weekend we tackle some pretty relevant questions to students today.  In the context of small groups, we’ll see what the Bible has to say about questions like…

How do I deal with my parents?
How do I deal with my friends?
How do I deal with jealousy?
How do I deal with fear?

Learning how scripture can guide and direct our circumstances today is a critical part of a growing faith.  This week, Create a Rhythm of exploring God’s word together by exploring some of these scriptures with your student:  Deuteronomy 5:16Proverbs 17:17Proverbs 14:30Isaiah 41:10