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parent-connectionPreschool (2yrs to PreK)

Jesus Came to be my Friend

In Matthew 21:1-11 we see Jesus enter into Jerusalem and the crowd is excited.  This week in fpKIDS we get to share this great moment with our preschoolers.  And as we set the stage for the WOW! story we will share on Easter weekend, we want kids to know that Jesus came for a purpose.

To reconcile us to our Heavenly Father.

This very moment in history is the perfect example of how His ways are not our ways.  Jesus came to Jerusalem for a purpose.  But not for the purpose the people assumed.  They thought Jesus came to take his seat on the throne and rule over Israel.  But that was never His plan.

He didn’t want to rule over a country temporarily.  He wants to rule in our hearts eternally.

This week, Create a Rhythm with your family by reading Matthew 21:1-11 together.  Play act by assigning roles and act out the moment Jesus entered Jerusalem.  This can help your preschooler understand how big the celebration was for Jesus.  Repeat the simple phrase “Jesus came to be my friend”.  Help your preschooler solidify this fact in their heart like they solidify a math fact in their head.  Jesus came to be my friend.


Elementary (Kindergarten to 3rd Grade)

Honesty is choosing to be  truthful in whatever you say and do.

In this week’s Bible story, Judas betrays his Teacher and Friend for thirty pieces of silver (Matthew 26:14-16, 20-25, 45-50; 27:1-5). Judas spent every day with the Truth but still chose dishonesty. Many people believe Judas had created his own version of reality, which was all about the power he could get when Jesus took the throne. So, instead of trusting Jesus and being honest about his plan, Judas decided to take things into his own hands.

In John 12, we learn that Judas struggled with stealing. This leads us to believe he had a pattern of dishonesty in his life. Our Bottom Line is: you can lie so much that it’s hard to remember what’s true. So often in our lives, one lie leads to another, as we have to cover up the stories we told before. After so long, it becomes hard to remember the truth.

The monthly memory verse is:

“An honest person has respect for the Lord.”
Proverbs 14:2a, NIrV

We know Truth is important to God because, even in spite of what Judas did, God still kept His promise to us. He raised Jesus to life. Truth prevailed.

This week, Create a Rhythm, by watching for opportunities to share the bottom line: you can lie so much that it’s hard to remember what’s true.  Simply phrases like these help you to take advantage of a teachable moment.


Club 45 (4th & 5th Grade)

Jesus is now seated at the right hand of God.  

He is our King of Kings and Lord of Lords

Last week we talked about the disciples response to Christs’ death on the cross.  The fear, despondency and disappointment.  This week we celebrate as we explore scripture to see where Christ sits today.

This week, Create a Rhythm leading up to Easter weekend by taking these Bible verses and look one up each night.  Allow this activity to build anticipation as we lead toward Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Colossians 2:15

Romans 8:34; 37-39

Revelation 19:11-21

Revelation 4

Daniel 7:13-14

2 Peter 3:10

1 Thessalonians 4:16-18