Parent Connection – fpKIDS

Preschool (2yrs to PreK)

Good Friends Comfort Each Other

Have you ever had that friend in your life?  One who is a great source of comfort and encouragement?

This week we explore 1 Samuel 20:3-42 with your preschooler as we learn more about a friendship between David & Jonathan.  This is a touching story of two friends who brought each other comfort in a tough situation.  We want your preschooler to understand that God gives me good friends.

Create a Rhythm this week by practicing the Memory Verse with your preschooler.

“Two (holding up two fingers) people (touching your shoulders)

are better (raising your arms overhead to form a circle) than one (holding up one finger).

They can help (pounding one fist on top of the other) each other (touching the person next to you on the shoulder)

in everything they do (raising your hands overhead and jumping up),

Ecclesiastes 4:9 (Open your hands like a book)


Elementary (Kindergarten to 3rd Grade)


…is taking care of what you have because it all belongs to God.

Did you know that when you trust God, you make wise choices with your money?  This is a truth we want to live out even as adults.

This week we continue exploring God’s Word on the topic of Stewardship.  We want your student to know that when they trust God, they make wise choices.  So we dive into Luke 15:11-32 for the parable of the Prodigal Son.  Not only do we see what happens when we spend before we save… we catch a glimpse of where life can lead when we choose to trust in money rather than the One that gives that resource to us.

This week Create a Rhythm by praying before bed with your child this week about Stewarship.  Ask God together how you can learn to Give, Save, Spend.  Speak the Memory Verse allowed in your prayer together.  “The earth belongs to the Lord.  And so does everything in it.  The world belongs to him.  And so do all those who live in it.”  Psalm 24:1, NIrV


Club 45 (4th & 5th Grade)

Epic Fail_Week 4

More than Conquerors

In Club 45, we’ve been on a journey learning about failure, discovery and how we can face and overcome the failures of our lives.  Your student has learned more about how to get a handle on what failure is… now let’s dive into WHO we are!

The world today can send us mixed messages about WHO we are.  But only scripture brings us the truth.  And according to Roman 8:37, we are more than conquerors!  Through a series of fun games, we want your student to understand that simply because they choose God’s team makes them more than conquerors.

Make it Personal this week by sharing with your student about a time you dealt with feelings of failure.  Talk about how FEELING like a failure and BEING a failure are two different things.  Share with them how you worked through those feelings and how God’s truth can set them free.  Free to try new things without a looming fear of failure.  Though everything in our lives does not go perfectly, it does not make us failures.  According to scripture, we are more than conquerors.