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Do you have a Preschooler?  

(2yrs to PreK)

 God helps me do Big Things

Have you ever thought about your child’s future?  Of course you have!  I’ve yet to meet a parent that hasn’t (at some point) looked into the future and imagined what kind of career their child might have… what kind of spouse they might marry… what kind of person they might become.  In fact, we see their little personalities today and wonder how that will manifest in the future.

Here’s something we all know deep down within us.

Our kids were created for something bigger than themselves.  

In fact, they are created for a purpose that God designed.  A purpose God set out for them.  And we want our kids to learn that God is the one to help them do the Big Things He has planned for them.

This week, Make It Personal, by asking yourself, “What Big Things is God asking me to do?”.  It could be that as you learn to depend on God for these Big Things, your preschooler will learn to depend on God for the Big Things in their life.

Is your child Kindergarten thru 3rd Grade?

Our Bible story shows how Timothy’s God-given talents were identified.  The other believers in Timothy’s hometown saw his gift of teaching (1 Timothy 4:14).  And when Paul visited their town again, he chose Timothy to travel with him and teach others about God (Acts 16:1-2).

Timothy’s peers recognized his giftedness.  Paul recognized his giftedness.  But Timothy didn’t just learn that he was a good teacher and pat himself on the back.  He put his giftedness to work and used the talents God had given him.  Our Bottom Line is:

When you discover your gifts, you can make a difference.  

Regardless of our age or circumstances, we can discover our gifting and put it to use to serve God. Which is why we’re learning our Memory Verse:  “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young.  Set an example for he believers in what you say and in how you live.”  1 Timothy 4:12a, NIrV

Make It Personal this week by sharing with your child your own giftedness.  Do you know what that is?  How do you use it to make a difference?

Is your child in Club 45?  (4th or 5th grade)

Wouldn’t you love to infuse your tween with a little wisdom?  Would you love it if your student learned to listened to advice?

I think that’s the cry of every parents heart.  This weekend we will zone in on Proverbs 19:20, 12:15, 13:10 and talk to your student about seeking and heeding good advice.

Make It Personal by asking yourself this question, “Do I seek & follow sound advice?”.  As parents, we duplicate WHO we are, not WHAT we say.  If we are adults that seek and follow sound advice then we teach our kids to do the same.