Parent Connection – fpKids

This month we are teaching your Preschooler that…

God has a Plan for me!

A key question you can ask your child is, “Who Loves You?”  God loves me!  In fact, God loves us so much that He has a plan for our lives.  Just as He had a plan for Jesus’ life. 

This week we’ll share with your child how God made a Rescue Plan to save us.  And His Rescue Plan was Jesus.  Focusing on the scripture in Isaiah, we see how God sent a message through Isaiah to tell everyone to “Trust in God” (Isaiah 50:10)!

Make it Personal and allow your kids to see how you strive and grow.  Pray over your family that God would show you how you can Trust in Him more.

Create a Rhythm and tap into the power of quality moments together.  In the car, at dinner or as you tuck into bed… talk to your preschooler about all the ways we can Trust in God.



This week we learn…

When Jesus comes to the rescue, you’ll never be lost again!

We see clearly in the book of Isaiah that God was at work from the beginning with a plan to fix what we broke.  God has His very own Rescue Plan in Jesus.  And we’ll spend time the next few weeks watching how God unveils His Rescue Plan in scripture. 

Make it Personal and allow your kids to see how you strive and grow.  Read Isaiah Chapters 9, 11, 40, 50, 53, 55, & 60 on your own.  See how the text predicts God’s plan through Jesus.

Create a Rhythm by creating a sense of purpose in your kids.  Talk about some of the plans you have for your kids.  Plans for their success in school, and in life.  Then share what you think about God’s plans for your child.