Parent Connection – fpKIDS

Preschool (2yrs-PreK)

God Made Me

This week we party!!!!  We are spending the weekend celebrating Creation.  You can do the same at home.  Spend the next week just enjoying what God made and how He continues to create!  Look around and notice all the things that would not exist had it not been for God’s desire to  make good things!  Create a Rhythm by making a list with your preschooler.  Write down all the things you notice together that God has made and see how long it is at the end of the week.  Then share a treat as a celebration to the goodness of God!

Elementary (K-3rd Grade)

Love-choosing to give someone your time and friendship no matter what

As we wrap up our lessons on Love, we will share with your student God’s desire that everyone experiences His love.  Not just the people who are like us or easy to get along with.  Jesus sent the disciples out to the world.  When He was here with us, He spent more time with sinners and taught His disciples and others not to cast judgment or avoid others just because they are different (Acts 10:1-35).

We should be continuing in that effort.  We need to be loving others, even those who are different.  Our children have many opportunities to encounter others who are not like them.  Start talking now about ways to love those whom the world may consider “unlovely”.  Imagine the End as you set an example for your student by showing love to people who are different.

Club 45 (4-5th grade)

Hot, Bold, Confident

Having more confidence in God than we have in people can be a hard concept.  We can see and audibly hear people.  We know for sure when they show up and we can see what they are doing.  Sometimes with God, we just have to trust.  We have to just believe that He is going to do what He promises in His Word and that He won’t fail us. 

It becomes especially hard as we get older and we have had years of experience of people failing us.  It becomes very important not to define who God is based on those experiences.  The only way to confidently know God is to know His word.  We must know how God defines Himself through His word.

A great story to discuss as you Fight for the Heart this week is the story of Goliath and David.  A well known story, David actually spent his childhood learning about God’s faithfulness as he shepherded his flock.  David took that knowledge of his God with him to battle and was not moved by any outside circumstances.  Not even a giant or lack of army or the doubtful words being spoken over him.  He just trusted God and came out on top.  Remind your student that they serve the same God.  He will bring victory if we trust Him the same way David did.