Parent Connection – fpKIDS

Preschool (2yrs-PreK)

God Made Me

Day 5!!!!  We have been learning that God makes good things.  This week is no different!  On day 5, God made Fish and Birds.  We continue to marvel at how creative our maker is.  He didn’t just make one bird and one fish.  He made so many different species and varieties.  Just because that is who He is!

He has placed that same creative power in each of us.  We see it most in our children.  I have boys who can turn ANYTHING into a sword or gun and girls who take scraps of fabric and turn them into doll dresses with a stapler!  Three year olds draw what looks like scribble to us but proceed to tell a story about their picture that includes space ships, castles, and superheroes.

In the business of life it is easy to stifle that creativity in our children because “we have to go now!!!”.  Take a minute this week and Fight for the Heart of your preschooler.  They have the rest of their lives to be grown up and hurry.  Let them be the most like their creator.  Watch them create their own amazing creations and talk about how God did the same thing when He created all the things we see around us.

Elementary (K-3rd Grade)

Love-choosing to give someone your time and friendship no matter what

The kind of love that God requires from us isn’t a command.  It’s a fact.  When you love and trust God, it’s impossible not to love the people He created and also loves.  Jesus spent his ministry telling us what it means to love God and how to display that same love to the people around us.  We will explore these things with your student in July.

This week we will talk about a story from Matthew 25:31-40.  Jesus shows one way to love God is by loving those considered to be “the least of these”.  We all know people in our lives who are sort of “shunned” by society, considered to be less important than others.  We are called to love even those people.  Challenge your student this week to Imagine the End and love the kid at the pool that no one else wants to play with.  Make time to listen to the elderly person at the store that wants to tell you a story, even though you’re in a hurry and it’s obvious they aren’t.  What could it mean to these people to know that someone cares?  How might it change you and your student to show love to the “least of these”?  Choose to give someone your time and friendship no matter what.

Club 45 (4-5th grade)

Order out of Chaos

Your students are going to be challenged this weekend to take action and help bring order to our chaotic world.  How do we do this?  As the church, we are called to spread order out of chaos.  Look around you.  Chaos has existed from the fall and continues to increase.  When Jesus comes again, all will be as it should be.  Until then, we have been given the task of establishing order in the Earth.

We will be asking your students to play a part.  They will be learning that the more people they share Jesus with and the more they show God’s love through action, the more order the world will see.  Just acting the way Jesus taught us too is a good start!

Spend some time this week and Imagine the End with your student as you talk about the different ways things can turn out depending on our actions and reactions.  Look at what the Word says about how we are supposed to behave.  Talk about anger, jealousy, bitterness and selfishness.  Discuss how the same scenario can end totally different depending on how we choose to act.  We have millions of opportunities to partner with God and help bring Order out of Chaos.  Don’t miss one!