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Preschool (2yrs-PreK

God Loves Me

This week we continue to drive home the truth that God LOVES your preschooler! God shows us his love in so many different ways. The most important of all is the way He forgives us through His son.

Joseph is a great example of the power that lies in forgiveness. His brothers betrayed him in the most hurtful ways. They hated Joseph and sold him, AFTER they tried to kill him! God took all the bad circumstances in Josephs life and made great things come out of them. At the end, Joseph had an amazing opportunity to forgive his brothers and walk in the power of God. Because of Joseph’s ability to DO THE RIGHT THING, an entire nation was impacted.

Create a Rhythm with your children by praying this prayer together and actively forgiving others. Teach them that forgiveness releases power in their lives. Talk about ways they can forgive others. Even at their ages they can hold grudges! Don’t let them develop a habit that will cripple them when they are older!

“Dear God, thank You for helping us to forgive others, even when it‟s hard. We know that You want us to do the right thing and that You are always with us. You are amazing God, we love you so much. Thank You, God! Amen

Elementary (K-3rd Grade)

Responsibility is showing you can be trusted

with what’s expected of you

This week we are talking about our responsibility to choose the right words, with the RIGHT HEART. Ephesians 4:29 tells us not to let foul language or unwholesome talk come out of our mouths, but only words that are good and beneficial to the spiritual progress of others. Often times religion gets hung up on the idea that the “foul words” in this verse are what our culture would call “cuss words”.

Words only have meaning because of the meaning we give them. Words are only beneficial or harmful because of the heart they are spoken from. We must bridle our tongues and take responsibility for the words we say. However, the right words will come out of a heart that is right. It takes a lot less effort to say the right things if you have the right things inside, waiting to come out.

Are the words spoken in your home LIFE GIVING? Or do they DEVALUE the person they are intended for? Create a Rhythmwith your student by spending time in the word finding all the good things God says about us. Get those words in your hearts so they become the words you choose to say about others. Here’s a great starting place

Club 45 (4-5th grade)


This week we are wrapping up the Bullies lesson. We have been talking about the reasons people bully, ways to avoid bullies and most importantly how to forgive a bully.

As hard as it might be, your student needs to know that they will walk in power when they walk in forgiveness. The best way to beat a bully is to forgive that person. We want your student to remember that people are bullies because they have something in their lives that is HURTING THEM. There is always a root for the behavior we exhibit, good and bad.

Imagine the End with your student by talking about how they can show love and forgiveness to the bullies in their lives. Even if they aren’t the target, an act of unexpected kindness could turn the tide for a kid who bullies and totally change their lives. Encourage your student to show love to the unlovable, the way Jesus did. There may even be an opportunity for you to be an example for your student! Don’t miss it!