Parent Connection – fpKIDS

Preschool (2yrs-PreK)

Jesus is my good friend!

How many times have our preschoolers asked us to play but we are too busy?  My youngest son wants to be at my side at all times.  He follows me everywhere, wants to help and wants to play.  He just wants my time and attention.  I am many times guilty of being too busy though.  Too busy to play, too busy to explain and let him help, too busy to just slow down and watch him figure out life.

Martha was guilty of the same thing.  Jesus just wanted her time.  He just wanted her attention.  He wanted to talk.  He wanted to hang out.  But she was too busy.  The things Martha was too busy with were good things.  They were admirable.  She was purposeful.  But good is the enemy of great.  Mary was doing the great thing.  She sat at Jesus’ feet and spent time with Him.  He loved it and she was blessed.

Choose the great things this week with your kids.  The dishes, the house, the laundry… it can all wait.  Create a Rhythm with this verse and show your kids what is most important.  Spend time with them and help them believe that Jesus wants to be their friend forever.

“A friend (hook your pointer fingers together) loves (hug yourself) at all times (stretch your arms out to each side with your palms facing up as you turn in a circle),’ Proverbs 17:17” (opening your hands like a book). (Repeat the verse together a few times.)

Elementary (K-3rd Grade)

Jesus has overcome the world!


Jesus never promised us a perfect life as believers.  He never said if you believe in me, you will not have any problems ever again.  He DID say that “In this world we would have trouble…” (John 16:33).  That wasn’t the end though.

It’s easy to forget the rest of this verse.  It’s easy to get focused on the troubles and forget that those are not the end of our story!  When Jesus was crucified there were many people who were mourning and hopeless.  They didn’t see the big picture.  They didn’t understand that Jesus had defeated to ultimate enemy and had now overcome the world!  Because of what Jesus did at the cross, trouble is not the end of our story.  Jesus overcame the world and gave us His victory.  We want your student to know that despite whatever trouble they face, Jesus has the answer.

 Create a Rhythm with your student by helping them see the big picture when trouble comes instead of focusing on the immediate trouble.  Talk through troubles they are having.  Pray and help them figure out what good things God can do with a bad situation and remind them that Jesus has overcome whatever problem they are facing.

Club 45 (4-5th grade)

Why did Jesus die?  Why did he rise from the dead?  What does this mean for me?

The Bible from beginning to end is a story of God’s love and redemption.  In the beginning God created man and called them good.  Sin entered and man was not so good anymore.  Jesus came, died, and rose again and God now sees His creation in light of Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice.  He can call us “good” again.

Now what?  Your student has learned this story over the last few weeks.  We have answered those first two questions.  This week we will talk about what it all means for them.  The beauty of walking with Jesus is that He created us all so differently with very special purposes that only we can fulfill.  Your student will learn this week that God’s story is like a symphony and they have a part to play.

Help your student Imagine the End this week by asking God to continue to show them how they fit into His “symphony” and what part they are supposed to play in the Kingdom.  Help them get a head start by figuring out what their purpose is and what all of this means for them now.