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The Best Story Ever Told

All across fpKIDS this weekend, your students will be hearing “The Best Story Ever Told”.  Through different avenues including media, music, drama and small groups, we will be sharing the Easter Story.  You’ve heard it before , right?  Hasn’t everyone?  Who doesn’t know what Easter is all about?

Just because a child or adult “knows” the history behind the cross, doesn’t mean they have had a personal encounter with the One who died to give them life.  Or that they even understand what that life is that He died for!  It is that personal encounter with Jesus that brings meaning to the cross and His resurrection.  It is the personal encounter that reveals the need for a savior.

So why do we need Jesus?  The choice that was made in the garden of Eden ushered in a separation from God and a life filled with endless turmoil, strife and lack (Genesis 3:17).  Adam gave up the authority that was supposed to be ours (Genesis 1:26) and allowed the enemy to wreak havoc on our Earth.  For centuries, God’s people lived subjected to the lies that started in the Garden.

Then Jesus came.  He came as the son of God and the son of Man.  He came to SEEK and to SAVE that which was lost (Luke 19:10).  He came for all humanity.  The only way to accomplish salvation was to offer the ultimate sacrifice.  Someone had to die.  Blood had to be shed.  The devil thought killing Jesus was the end to all his problems.  Jesus knew that His death would be the beginning of victory for His children.  On the cross, He said “It is finished”! (John 19:30)  Jesus knew that His death defeated the enemy and restored all of humanity to fellowship with God.

Then there was the resurrection.  When Jesus rose from the dead and was getting ready to join the Father in Heaven, He promised us the Holy Spirit, who is a Counselor, Comforter, Helper, Intercessor, Advocate and Strengthener (John 14:16 Amplified).  He said He would not leave us orphans, but left the Spirit of Truth to guide us always.  And anyone who steadfastly believes in Jesus will be able to do EVEN GREATER THINGS THAN HE DID!!! (John 14:11-12).  When Jesus ascended into heaven, He left all of His children with the ability to continue in the work He started and do even more for the Kingdom.

The Best Story Ever Told doesn’t end with the cross.  We continue the story every day we love Jesus.  The Story doesn’t end until we meet Him face to face.  How is your story shaping up?  What does the next chapter look like?  Are you walking in what He has for you and your family?

Imagine the End with your family this weekend by talking about how Jesus started the story at the cross.  Ask the Holy Spirit to show your family what comes next in your Story.  Trust Him to guide, counsel, comfort and help you as you walk out the rest of your adventure!